What is Nudges?

Nudges is a mobile application for Android and iOS with the aim of connecting people from nearby.

Who should use Nudges?

Everybody who wants to meet or connect with new people or old friends can use Nudges. You ever wanted to go for a drink but none of your friends had time? Well, just create a group at the location you want to go and wait for people to join you.

What is the business model behind Nudges?

Currently, Nudges is developed by a single person (Thomas Anderl) and the expenses are manageable. This is the reason why there is no advertisement at all and most features are available to everybody. If you want to support the idea you can get a premium version with some more functionality.

What will be part of the premium feature?

Since we decided against the idea of advertisement and we don't want to restrict the functionality of the free version, most of the features will be of visual nature. Some basic concepts like a border around the profile are part of it. Also you optionally will be able to directly send friendrequests instead of just likes to people you are swiping. If you have some other cool ideas, just contact me.

What login method shall I use?

We generally suggest using Facebook. Doing so makes it easier to login and you can directly access your images and import them from Facebook. If you don't have Facebook or just don't want to use it, you can also use the basic login. Note, that Nudges will never post anything on your Facebook-account and won't load any information about you, you didn't approve. The permissions needed are as few as possible.

What data are you saving about me?

We take privacy very serious. This is one of the reasons, why we save as little information as possible about you. With great data comes great responsibility and space requirements, so we will try to keep this at a minimum. Your current location will also not be saved in the database, but instead just used to find nearby groups.

What are groups?

The main concept of Nudges is built upon groups. Every user is allowed to create a single group and must provide a location for that group. This location may be a club, a bar, the zoo or anything else. Other people who decide to go there or are currently nearby will see said group and can request to join that group. The core group-related features can be found on the "Groups" tab.

What location shall I choose for the group?

You can take any place that is part of Google Places. So if you decide to go to a bar, just take the bar as a location. If you don't know exactly where to go, you can also just choose a street or district. Just take what fits best. Please keep in mind to avoid providing your exact home address, since it is then publically visible. Consider putting it in the chat, since only members can see that.

How can I directly add people?

Since we want you to meet new people, you can directly add people you are in a group with. Just go to the group and click on the persons icon. If you are also part of the group, you can add that person by clicking the top right button on the popover that appears. This only works if you are a member of this group.

Where can I edit my profile?

When you did login successfully you can open the sidemenu by either swiping on the screen from the left to the right, or by clicking the top right icon in the navigation bar. From there you can click "Edit Profile" to change the public information about yourself. There are also other usefull functionalities you can use.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes. You can go to "Settings" from the sidemenu and toggle the according field.

I feel offended by a profile or group. What can I do?

You can find a report button in form of a flag on user profiles and group pages. You are not allowed to be part of the group you want to report. For extreme cases, feel free to contact us.

What/Who helped you building this app?

Kisses and hugs to:
  • Everybody who tested this application in the alpha/beta-phase and giving me appropriate feedback.
  • Alexander B. for providing the icon and helping with the design at some places.
  • The people working at Google Firebase, the backend solution taking care of security and authentication for me.
  • All the users out there, who make the community grow and thus Nudges a better place <3.

Who designed the homepage?

The theme is a template from Bootstrap and looks very awesome, so most of the credit goes to the people creating it. The template is called "new age".

How can I contact you?

We am very happy about every type of feedback. As long as it is manageable, we will try to respond to most of it. So feel free to contact me regarding feedback/problems/ideas/wishes/whatever by email as follows:

Thomas Anderl, Vienna